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The various types of paving stones and blocks for pathways

You only have to take a walk down any street to realise that block paving is now a massively popular choice when it comes to resurfacing of driveways. However, block paving is certainly not restricted to being used on driveways and paths. Increasingly block paving is being used in gardens as paving for patios to wonderful effect.

paving slabsThe bricks, or blocks used in block paving come in a range of thicknesses, from 40mm to 100mm. For normal domestic use, 50mm or 60mm bricks are usually deemed to be the most suitable, whilst thicker 80mm blocks are used where there will be regular vehicle overrun or slightly heavier vehicles. The thickest 100mm blocks are for very heavy-duty driveways like those in haulage yards and freight depots. There are actually two types of block used for block paving. There is the moulded concrete block and the kiln-fired clay brick.

Concrete blocks are made in a massive variety of shapes, sizes, colours, and textures. Clay paving bricks feature less variety in terms of shape as they are generally available as typical, rectangular bricks, although there is now quite a variety of size variations, from 60mm upto 300mm squares.

Of course, there are other options too, for example, where drainage is an issue there is the very environmentally sound option of permeable paving as well. Regardless of the type of paving blocks you choose to go for it is worth checking that the paving blocks or bricks that you choose meet the requirements of BS 6717 for concrete blocks, or BS 6677 for clay paving bricks to ensure that they will perform as expected.

For much more information on the various different types of paving available, along with images, specifications and applications, it's worth checking out the website of one or two of the major paving manufacturers such as this one - https://www.brettpaving.co.uk.
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